Christmas Cabin 2006

I know we're many, many days past Christmas now, but I wanted to share photos and blurbs from our "Christmas in the Woods" - the cabin we rented in Brown County to spend a few days during the holidays.

(Warning: photo heavy post ahead!)

For many, many days leading up to Christmas, we prepared food. And I don't mean a few bits and bobs, I mean enough food to survive a nuclear winter. ;-) One of our final treats before we left was Dad making a "Tony Stewart wreath" all by himself!

Tony Stewart Would Be Proud

We packed up the van (no, we don't travel lightly) and headed for the hills of Brown County, and our cabin that was way, way, WAY out in the woods without anything else in sight!

Staging the Van

Our first view of the cabin (which Mum said reminded her of the house from Psycho)...

First View of Lost N' Found

Isn't it awesome inside? It was totally rustic and pretty, though we weren't fond of the nearly vertical stairs!

Stone Fireplace

We unpacked, we scoped out the place, we set up the tree and got our masses of food into the kitchen and then within minutes, Dad was in the hot tub while Mum and I sat on the porch...


Look, Ma!

We feasted on crab legs (yum!), then played a few rounds of pool before calling it a night (even Mum played!)...

Not Quite Professional

The next morning we ate breakfast, read a bit, then Dad and I went on a "hike" to find firewood and scope out the location. The tiny pink dot is me!


Shortly thereafter, Don and Michelle came over with a surprise - a dog borrowed from Don's aunt. As we are all massive dog people, this was fabulous - it was like rent-a-dog! Introducing Penny, the world's cuddliest dog...


Dinner was clam chowder, shipped from Dad's and mine's favorite restaurant on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey!

Slaving Cooks

Christmas Eve involved lots of food (this is only half the buffet table!), naps, football and presents!

The Spread

Dad and Penny

Christmas Eve Prezzies

Me and The Donald

Dad's new pimp slippers!

Pimp Slippers!

My fab new robe!

My Fluffy Bathrobe

Michelle loves the quilt I made (with Jeanne's help)...

Michelle's New Quilt

The infamous eggrolls....it's a long story...;-)

The Infamous Eggrolls

Christmas morning brought stockings from Santa, and quilts to open!

Christmas Stocking

It Fits!

Admiring the Quilt

Wrapping paper detritus...

No More Presents

The rest of the day was spent watching telly in our pajamas and snacking before calling it a day as the snow fell outside. We got up early and packed, cleaned and emptied out our idyllic little cabin, then locked the door for the last time...

Saying Goodbye

Leaving the cabin behind...


What a wonderful holiday, and what memories!

(To see the entire photoset, click here)


Anonymous said...

AAH! It looks so wonderful...I'm glad you got pictures (and the story) up!! =)

Anonymous said...

AAH! It looks so wonderful...I'm glad you got pictures (and the story) up!! =)

Anonymous said...

Look how excited I am - so much so that I posted twice. Hehe.