Book Review: Thirteenth Tale

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This has been one of those "buzz books" that everyone is talking about, but no one I know has read yet to tell me about it!

Margaret is contacted by an aging author who wants to tell the "real story" of her life, and as Margaret begins to interview Vida Winter, she is thrust into a story of ghosts, a ruin of a house, murder, sexual repression, madness and family secrets that she has to unravel.

There are a lot of strands of this story, and at times I found myself a bit lost as I tried to unravel the mystery along with Margaret. The writing, however, is absolutely breathtaking - some of the phrases rattling around in my brain long after I heard them. However, I was disappointed in, what I felt, was a rather abrupt ending.

If you are looking for a Gothic/Victorian novel full of mystery and madness, pick up this title. Intriguing...

Note: I listened to the audio edition, narrated by Bianca Amato and Jill Tanner. Both of their voices were perfect, and melded well together. The recording was 13 discs, and I listened to it with intervals in between, which may have led to some of my confusion. The recording, however, was fantastic!

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