Book Review: Everything Must Go

Everything Must Go by Elizabeth Flock

This is another character-driven novel from the author of Me & Emma, but this time, Flock has a male protagonist trapped in a life of the mundane.

This book is full of flashbacks and musings from Henry Powell, a former football star turned men's clothing employee and caretaker of his ailing parents. This book flashes back to his life in high school, then forward as he life moves on every so slowly, and Henry watches his hopes fade along with the clothes in the shop window.

This is a poignant book that has no real beginning, middle or end, but instead is a character study of someone beaten yet unwilling to completely give up hope.

Flock is a gifted writer, who can make the most mundane readable...

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Anonymous said...

Don't waste your money. The book was as mundane as Henry's life.