Book Review: Catch Me When I Fall

Catch Me When I Fall by Nicci French

I found this novel completely engrossing, and read it in less than a day. Holly seems to have it all...a good job, a loving husband, beauty...but she seems to crave excitement and danger, and one night her world begins to spin out of control, and what follows is a tale of stalking, suspense and terror.

This is a semi-suspenseful tale of whether Holly is paranoid, ill, or just living the good life, and the reader isn't sure throughout. I wasn't sure how this novel would end, but found myself satisfied with the conclusion. The first 2/3 of the novel are from Holly's point of view, and then it switches to her best friend Meg's point of view, which could have been jarring but was actually a good transition.

I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got into this novel - recommended!

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