Back From Seattle!

Well, I'm back from Seattle and going to my very first ALA Midwinter, which I have to admit was eye-opening and very productive!

I attended a reference discussion, worked the NMRT Resume Review booth, got to sit down and chat about Footnotes (the NMRT publication I will be editor of next year) at the NMRT All Committees meeting, crashed a RUSA group, groped Captain Jack Sparrow, and heard Joe Klein speak about Iraq and American politics.

RRS Worker
My Captain

All in all, a good time!

Of course, after the conference there was time for some fun too. ;-)

(Like watching the Colts win to go to the SUPER BOWL, BABY!)

I ate copious amounts of seafood.

January 21

I went to the very glassy Seattle Public Library.


I conquered my fear of heights by going to the top of the Space Needle (and enjoying a tasty Starbucks at the top).

January 22

I watched fish get thrown at Pike Place Fish Market.

Flying Fish

I saw the Microsoft campus.

Microsoft Campus

I met Mary's family.

Mary and Marissa

Sadly, I never found McDreamy.

City Girl

But I found Seattle...lovely. :-)

(The entire photoset is right here!)

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