So, Thanksgiving was last week.

It was great. :-)

I finally got to embark on that last rite of passage to adulthood - I got to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Normally, we go to my sister's for a megafeast with her in-laws, but with Mum feeling a bit under the weather due to chemo, we decided to have a minifeast at home.

I stuffed the bird, did veggies, rolls and gravy (and a Jell-O mold!).

Dad tried to help with the mashed potatoes, but I think most of it ended up on the walls and counter. ;-)

CIMG2797 CIMG2801

The day after Thanksgiving, Michelle came over for a few hours, and we all hung out, laughed a lot, had a big English "fry up" for lunch.

No, my sister does not cook. ;-)

CIMG2807 CIMG2809

We even strung Christmas lights up outside! Woot!


Also, I went shopping with Dad throughout the weekend, and FINALLY got the pair of pink Chucks I've been coveting - on sale!


What a great weekend...it was hard to come back to reality...

(The entire photoset is right here)


Anonymous said...

It sounds like an awesome time.

Anonymous said...

Look at you...a'cooking away! =) I like your "Got Books" shirt! lol

Melissa said...

Aren't pink Chucks the best? I totally love mine. :D

Anonymous said...

Pink Chucks!!! Must have a pair! They are adorable, babe.

And look at you, Michelle and your Dad. You've ALL got that Price is Right spokesmodel arm action going. Must be in the genes. ;-)