Peppermint Pops

So, last weekend I finally got to attend my first "Peppermint Pops", a performance of Christmas music by the Evansville Philharmonic Orchestra with my friend Becca (we're "culture buddies").

It was enchanting.

The orchestra was fantastic, the music was wonderful, and it totally put us in the holiday spirit!

CIMG2846I'm so putting this on my calendar for every December!

Afterwards, we visited the Festival of Lights (a Christmas lights display in one of the Evansville parks), and then...

We went to Oregon Street.

There is one family on Oregon Street that is FAMOUS in Evansville for their holiday light display.

Oh my god.

It was so magnificently tacky, that I stood in the biting cold and just stared in awe.
There are snowglobes and blow ups and lights and displays and...just everything, crammed into one lot and lit up for the holidays.

I was particularly fond of the matching Santas on Harleys and the blow up nativity scene. ;-)

To put this in perspective, I ran across the street and took a wide photo. The little itty bitty black blob in the middle is my friend Becca. It's that big.

Magnificent tackiness and orchestral music - it's what Christmas is all about!


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