Book Review: Rhythm of the Road

The Rhythm of the Road by Albyn Leah Hall

This is a forthcoming title (to be released January 7) that was sent to me to read and review.

This book is like a car crash...you know it can't end well, but you can't look away and you can't help but keep reading.

Jo and her father Bobby are a lorry driving team in England who pick up a mysterious singer one night. What follows are Jo's growing obsession with the band, Bobby's descent into depression, and a transcontinental story of love, loss, obsession and destruction.

I found the pace a bit slow at first, but once the author hits her stride, you can't help but flip pages to see where the story is going to take Jo and her fixation next. Well written and a quick read, but really...like a car crash.

You can't look away.

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