Book Review: Cathy's Book

Cathy's Book by Sean Stewart

I don't quite know how to describe this YA novel - part diary, part illustrations, pary mystery, part epistolary novel.

Cathy falls for Victor, but when Victor pushes her away, Cathy learns more about his dark past than she expected. This is written entirely as a diary from Cathy's POV, but is filled with her doodles and illustrations, and include a pocket of "evidence" including ripped up photos, newspaper clippings, a cocktail napkin and much, much more. Readers are encouraged to call phone numbers, surf websites and examine the "evidence" to solve the mystery.

I loved the format and the "extras" but found the story a tad disjointed. Still, a great read for teens!

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Anonymous said...

Man, I really want to read this but the new library doesn't have it yet!