The Votes Are In!

This is when my political science geekdom rears its ugly head.

Brad Ellsworth was the FIRST Democrat pickup in the US House of Representatives! Congrats on winning the "Bloody 8th" away from John Hostettler!

He beat Hostettler by a HUGE margin, and I've been grinning like an idiot all night as I've been glued to the television, watching the election coverage. And then after watching Ellsworth's acceptance speech, I've been reading CNN and Wonkette all night, refreshing for the latest updates.

Oh yes, big geek, right here.

(In other news, Baron Hill beat Mike Sodrel in the Indiana 9th - woot!)

In any case, how rad was it to see Ellsworth on stage with Jonathan Weinzapfel (Democratic mayor Evansville, and Posey County boy) and Evan Bayh, one of Indiana's senators and (hopefully) a presidential candidate one day? That's a good group, there.

And can I just say, as a total aside, that that is a trio of fine-looking political men?

CNN is predicting the Dems will pick up the seats they need to control the House, so I'm crossing fingers for the Senate as well. Go Virginia, Missouri, Montana and Tennessee! You can do it!

Happy, happy election night!


librarianne said...

we went blue too! and it looks like b'ton did too! Hurrah for slizzards representin'!

ok, I'll never speak like that again. :D

Rob said...

Yeah it was great!

Looks like we lost Tennessee but won Missouri... and Montana and Virginia both have 99%+ vote counted and the Dems are leading by razor thin margins...