007 is Back!

226946526_01f6c4aca1_oInstead of using my Monday afternoon off to do sensible things (clean, pack, dishes, whatever), I decided to go see Casino Royale, the new James Bond movie.

I heart James Bond movies, so I was terribly interested to see Daniel Craig as the new Bond.

In a word: magnificent.

Craig's portrayal of Bond is different from the others... rougher around the edges, much more physical, a nice mix of dashing and daring, and terribly human.

The action scenes were fantastic, the writing better than usual, the interplay with the "Bond Girl" not as condescending as the past, Chris Cornell sings the opening song (Chris Cornell!) and you just can't take your eyes off Craig - who, by the way, put on 20 pounds of muscle for the role and hot damn, he's fine.

I think his eyes are so blue they glow in the dark.

In short, what the critics are saying is right - a new era of Bond is here, and Daniel Craig is the perfect man to play him.

Y'all HAVE to see this movie!

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