Trailer Obsession

Okay, it's official.

I'm obsessed with the new trailer for Frank Miller's "300".

Already have massive crush on Stelios, played by Michael Fassbender ("We will fight in the shade..."), love the graphics and slo-mo, and love that they used Nine Inch Nails "Just Like You Imagined" (from The Fragile) as the trailer music.

March 2007 is suddenly really far away.

Watch the teaser trailer right here.


Carrie said...

*sputters* How can you possibly be obsessed with the trailer for 300 and not be as equally obsessed with Gerry Butler, King Leonidas himself!?

I thought I taught you better than that. *shakes her head sadly*

Anonymous said...

Aren't we obsessed with Gerry Butler's groin? Does that count?