Nancy Pearl

Nancy Pearl and I!

I had the great opportunity to attend a Reader's Advisory workshop today, led by the delightful Nancy Pearl!

For those not firmly entrenched in the library world, Nancy Pearl is the model librarian in many ways - founder of the "One Book" movement, a commentator for NPR, model for the librarian action figure, and the author of Book Lust and More Book Lust.

We dished on books, ways to advise patrons of suggested (not recommended!) reads, the mood and motivation of reading, as well as the "big four" appeals (character, story, setting, language). It was informative, interesting, and I have a lot more titles in my "To Be Read" pile!

Nancy was gracious and helpful, and I really enjoyed the workshop! Naturally, I got an autographed book, and a picture with the promise "I'm blogging this!"

Nancy has been a total librarian rock star in my book for ages - what a treat today!

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