Book Review: Miss Understanding

Miss Understanding by Stephanie Lessing

This is a fairly atypical chick lit title, though it does feature a women's magazine and New York City.

Zoe is determined to make Issues magazine a feminist voice in the wilderness, and this story becomes a her vs. them (them being the staff), with occasional support from her childlike sister, Chloe. Zoe battles sabotage, reconnects with an old friend, and finds herself in an unexpected new role.

While I applauded the different style of chick lit, I found the main character just a bit neurotic to really connect with - she has a litany of ailments, hardly seems to care for her devoted boyfriend, and the plot switches and changes in bizarre fashions, and I found myself struggling to find the real heart of the book.

An intriguing read in the chick lit section, though, for its sheer deviance from the norm.

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