Book Review: American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman

Other than Coraline, I have never read anything by Gaiman, so Jessy recommended I give this adult title a shot.

I enjoyed Gaiman's words, and found myself pulled right into the story of Shadow - released from prison, finds his wife has died, and is pulled into a new world by a man named Wednesday, all on the same day.

As the book wore on, I found myself increasingly bored with the plot, and wished Gaiman would have injected a bit more action, a bit less self-meditating into the story, plus I was puzzled over some of the mythology that wasn't fleshed out to me.

An interesting premise, great narration, but a bit too long and slow for my taste.


Melissa said...

I am a huge Gaiman fan, but I do agree with your assessment of this particular book. Try "Anansi Boys" - it's sort of related to the world in "American Gods" but much more wacky and upbeat.

librarianne said...

uh, what she said.

Jalehlabad said...

I tried so hard to finish this book but couldn't do it. I got about 150 pages in and thought I just don't give a shit. Maybe I will give Anansi Boys a chance.