Wedding Weekend

CIMG2331This weekend, one of my best friends got married, and I got to be a part of it - and a part of something even bigger.

Eric and I have known each other for half our lives, and though we don't often see each other, we're never more than a phone call, an email or a letter (written in multi-coloured pens) away.

I was so honored to be invited to his wedding to Megan, and better yet, to be asked to be a part of the ceremony - I couldn't have been more proud.

The wedding was flawless, the bride was beautiful, and the groom was the happiest I've seen.

But there was something even bigger for me...

I live in a small town where I don't have any family.

My immediately family is hours away.

The rest of them are at a minimum a plane ride across an ocean, at least 9 hours away.

CIMG2395This weekend, I was surrounded by the warmth of joviality, embraced by two families, and a part of a celebration of all that is good in the world.

Food, hugs, dancing, love, beauty, music and laughter.

I met wonderful people, I hugged new friends, for a weekend I became part of a family.

Thank you, Megan and Eric, for making me a part of your family.

My best wishes and congratulations for a long and happy life filled with food, hugs, dancing, love, beauty, music and laughter - but free of astroturf. ;-)

(The entire weekend's photoset is right here)


Megan E. Foldenauer said...

Marissa!! What an awesome post! We loved having you as a part of the wedding and having you here made the weekend SO special. Thank you again for everything!


Anonymous said...

marissa... it was really good to meet you this weekend. i think everyone had a total blast and everything was completely beautiful. i was so lucky to be a part of it!

erin 2

Anonymous said...

Dear Marissa!
I am blessed beyond words to have met so many wonderful people this past weekend. As the memories swirl in my mind, I see new faces at every turn, and they are all so special just as you are. I'll treasure these memories forever.

Love and peace - Libby