Due South

I recently ordered the DVDs of Due South, and my, I had forgotten how very attractive Paul Gross was in that show.

I described him to my mother thus: "He was my Colin Firth before I knew Colin Firth!"

Not to mention, I just heart the show - Ray Vecchio, his 1971 Buick Riviera, Diefenbaker and more.

Yay for happy DVD purchases!

Any other Duesies out there?


Anonymous said...

me! me! i love the Riv! I want one just like Ray's! I still haven't seen the seasons with Ray K in them though. did I miss anything?

Marissa said...

Now that I've watched the series beginning to end, I really much prefer Vecchio to Ray K. I mean, Ray K. is cute and fun and impulsive, but they don't have the same chemistry and relationship as Vecchio. I really missed Vecchio when he left. :-( But Ray K. is fun - just different. How's that for a rambly answer? ;-)

random said...

(drive-by posting)

I've been going through my unlabelled videotapes and just yesterday I came across a Due South episode (Victoria's Secret, part 2). Benny was *so young*!

Anonymous said...

Paul & Colin, separated at birth?

Anonymous said...

mmm Paul Gross