Book Review: Three Dog Life

Three Dog Life by Abigail Thomas

I was drawn to this slim memoir not only by the positive reviews it has been receiving or the blurb from Stephen King on the front, but from the cover photo that graces it.

Thomas was happily married for 12 years when one day, her husband was in an accident and suffered memory loss, brain damage, and was no longer able to function in her life without fulltime care.

Even after reading and ruminating about this memoir, I'm not sure how I feel - at time I love the author, and at times I hate her. At times I hate the story, and at times I love it. In any case, it is well-written and engaging, though I find myself revisiting the tale, and wondering "what would I do?"

An interesting memoir on the life of a woman who isn't sure if it is best to move forward or back.

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Anonymous said...

I'll bet this would make for a lively book club selection!