Book Review: The Divide

The Divide by Nicholas Evans

This title was recommended to me by our Bookmobile Lady, and I mostly agreed because Scott Brick *rawr* narrated the book on CD.

As it turns out, I was totally swept into this story. Though it starts slowly and it has one of those "the beginning is actually the end" styles, over the course of listening to the book I became entrenched in the characters, the emotion and the rift between one family.

Evans jumps back and forth (sometimes rapidly) between past and present, keeping the reader engaged in the story - which begins (and ends) with the death of Abbie Cooper, beloved daughter and sister, who was also wanted on charges of ecoterrorism. The story centers on her family before and after the tragic event.

I really enjoyed this novel, despite my early reservations. Recommended!

Note: I listened to the audio version, narrated by Scott Brick. In anyone less skilled, this could have been a jumbly, confusing mess, but with Mr. Brick, it's smooth, engaging, and made sense. Brick for President!

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