Book Review: The Bean Trees

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver

This is the title I selected for our book discussion at the library month, based mostly on the fact they enjoyed our previous Kingsolver read, and that I can find a few discussion questions to go with it!

As it turns out, I really enjoyed this novel - Kingsolver's writing is just flowing and lyrical, and you are immediately engaged and rooting for her characters. Taylor Greer is our heroine, as she treks to Tucson in a beat up car and acquires a baby, new friends, a love, a job and a sense of self along the way.

I've not read Kingsolver's "most famous" novel (The Poisonwood Bible) but I've truly enjoyed her writing in the other books I've read. Recommended!


Nora Lomeli said...

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Anonymous said...

just a note that "Poisionwood" is VERY different from Bean Trees, Animal Dreams and Pigs in Heaven. These three are all wonderful, but Poisionwood has some serious heft (they are good books, it is great literature). Enjoy them all, but marvel at her growth as an author.
Best, Pat E.

Beth said...

Hey! I'm a friend of Jaleh...

Kingsolver rocks...she is a DePauw University alumna, like me! Yaaay!

And Poisonwood Bible is AMAZING.