When I opened that envelope in my mail stack today, it was like opening the letter to find out if you got into your favorite college or not.

It was from the Department of Local Government Finance.

The gatekeepers of library money for the state of Indiana.

Scary money people.

This was going to be the letter to tell me if APL's Capital Projects Plan was approved.

The money we desperately seek to make much-needed repairs to our computers, building, furniture and equipment.

The plan I brainstormed with department heads, wrote every single word of, spoke before County Council about, advertised for, crunched numbers for hours with Mary over, lost sleep over the deadlines of, and agonized over getting every detail right - if you mess up even one small detail, the jig is up and you don't receive your money.

The CPF plan has been on my shoulders alone since the beginning of the year.

And we were approved for EVERY SINGLE PENNY we asked for.

I nearly cried when I saw the approval letter, and then I jumped up and down in my office.


No, but warranted just the same. ;-)


Denise said...

Congratulations babe!! Well desesrved.... =)

Anonymous said...

It makes a man proud to have two daughters with such great business sense & ability!

Anonymous said...

Hurrah! :D