Sheriff Complaints

My favorite Sheriff's Complaints in the local paper this week. Written word for word...

  • Brother-in-law hit caller with a cane and head is bleeding, 2nd caller advisted he hit subject with cane by accident, 3rd caller advised neighbors are arguing, 4th caller advised his kid is being kidnapped and need the state boys here right now

  • Caller has found concrete duck and chicken in his yard

  • Subject is threating to mess neighbor up, burn his house down, and kill his dogs
And they say small towns are boring...

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Megan E. Foldenauer said...

HA! I love it. Especially the cane incident. Coming from a small town, I can relate... to cane incidents... er... maybe more to concrete duck sightings? Oh, definitely that.

Sorry - this is Eric's fault. Point me in the direction of funniness when I'm swimming in a post-bday sugar cake haze. ;p