Review: Nick of Time

Nick of Time by Scott and Scott

This is a novel from the new line of books - Romentics - written by and about gay male romances. I was curious what these books were about, and if they would fit in our collection, so my girl Gail picked up a few titles from the big library down the road for me to read and review.

Overall, I liked the book (though the writing is very simple, and the plot not overly complicated) and it deals fairly with gay relationships - closets, sex, family strains and more - without being heavy-handed. I found quite a few typos and a few stilted sentences, but I sense this is a fairly small publishing venture.

If you are squeamish about gay sex, you may want to take a pass - I didn't find anything over the top or offensive, but some more conservative folks might. I've read fanfics that are a lot more detailed and graphic than this novel!

I may have to look into purchasing for the library, if demand warrants...

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