Review: The Lincoln Lawyer

The Lincoln Lawyer by Michael Connelly

Connelly has become one of the top names in suspense fiction today, though this is the first title I've read by him (again recommended by the Bookmobile Lady, who said it actually wasn't one of his best).

In this title, Mickey Haller is a defense lawyer who works out of the back of his Lincoln Towncar - Haller is a little sleazy and slimy, and you aren't sure you want to root for him. Connelly introduces lots of cases and characters, and starts off pretty slow, but once he lights the fire, the book takes off and doesn't let go. By the end, you are rooting for the good guys, while still trying figure out who the good guys are.

I really enjoyed this title - I would read another Connelly novel.

Note: I listened to the audio version, narrated by Adam Grupper. He has an amazing range of voices to draw from, though he struggled with the women and with differentiating some of the "big bads". A good listen, though.

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