Review: High Country Bride

High Country Bride by Linda Lael Miller

I'm once again returning to my reading roots - picking out titles of "Western romance" - the books I loved after Sweet Valley High but before true "adult fiction" titles. Most of these titles are set in the years following the Civil War, in the lonely western frontier.

And they always have a cowboy, a reluctant bride, a lot of tension, a good amount of sex and a fun plot, and this one is no exception! In order to keep his inheritance, Rafe must find a wife and sire a child - so he mail orders a bride. Naturally. ;-)

This book surprised me - it has a complex plot that is well weaved, and has a lot of memorable characters and great dialogue, which is sometimes hard to find in these western romances. I highly recommmend this author for escapist historical fiction, and plan to read more in this series!

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