Review: Dispatches from the Edge

Dispatches from the Edge: A Memoir of War, Disasters and Survival by Anderson Cooper

First of all, I have a big crush on Anderson Cooper, so I was interested to read his memoir about his life and his reporting.

Cooper focuses on several key locations from which he has reported since the early 90s, with the most poignant being his coverage of Katrina, the tsunami and the war in Iraq. Interspersed between the reportage are the death of his brother and father, and how their absence has affected him over the years.

Cooper writes in small, bite-sized sections so that the reader can pause and absorb his observations, and to allow him to jump from one place to the next. His words flow, and his insights interesting.

This is a great memoir on journalism from one of the best - a great read!

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Anonymous said...

Have you read The Great Deluge by Douglas Brinkley?

Great book.