End of an Era

CIMG2202This is it: the end of an era in libraries...

Well, my library, anyway.

Today, we began weeding out and discarding all our vertical (pamphlet) files.

These mainstays in libraries have been virtually replaced by the internet, by immediately access to the most up-to-date information, and by reference books we can still afford to purchase.

In our trashing of the files, we found AIDS information from 1988, cancer treatment options from 1992, and a travel guide to Florida from 1991.

Yeah...a little out of date. ;-)

Still, I can't help but be a bit nostalgic...
I remember trundling down to the hometown library with a paper to write about humane societies, or the environment, or 20th century inventions and finding a treasure trove of information to copy onto my lined paper.

Okay, so it was grade school, but still that is one of my most vivid early library memories.

Sifting through the folders, finding just.the.right.pamphlet, and gleefully skipping to my seat, feeling like a adult schooled in the ways of research, well on her way to a A+ paper.

Vertical files, the Reader's Guide, card catalogs...it's all been sacrificed to Library 2.0.

Nostalgic, but necessary.

Forward, ever forward...

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Anonymous said...

Catalog cards don't have to go away! Have you seen what Ann Arbor's doing?