Review: New Moon

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Though this book won't be released for many more weeks, I was lucky enough to borrow Jessy-the-YA-librarian's galley copy, and I read it in a flash!

Oh my god...how I love this YA series, which began with Twilight. This second in the trilogy (or more?) continues to chronicle the perilous relationship between Bella (a human) and Edward (a vampire). Bella's continued risk at being around the Cullen family pushes Edward to take drastic measures, which Bella might not survive...

Though I loved the suspense portions of the novel and the exploration of other characters in La Push, the romantic in me longed for more Bella-and-Edward scenes. I'm sure Meyer will make up for it in the third book. :-)

This is a FANTASTIC series - the best YA novels I've read. Highly, highly recommend Twilight and New Moon!

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