Journey/Def Leppard Concert

CIMG2157So last weekend, I got to go back to the 80s - musically, that is.

Oh yeah. ;-)

Journey and Def Leppard, live and in concert, baby!

My sister, bro-in-law, bro-in-law's bro and I headed up to Deer Creek to take in the show.

Despite the hot sun and the crowds (and crowds and CROWDS) of people, we bought concert shirts, had some tasty libations, and sang our hearts out to some 80s rock music.

CIMG2143Journey was truly the soundtrack of my childhood, so it was fabulous to finally see them live - despite the absence of the infamous Steve Perry.

And Def Leppard's show was AWESOME!

What a fabulous time. :-)

(complete concert photos here)


Anonymous said...

Wth...so blankets are allowed for Journey but not NIN?

Vocal Minority Member of AFA said...

I LOVE DEF LEPPARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Def Leppard the 18th, Nickleback the 19th!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

yo i think def leppard blows i only listen to hardcore music not old sweaty guys.