Ice Cream Truck

CIMG2132There are worse reasons to have to slow down than the neighborhood ice cream truck. :-)

(If I wasn't on my way to a Board Meeting, I would have stopped for an ice cream sandwich...)

When's the last time you got goodies from an ice cream van?


Anonymous said...

When I left home, I swore that I would live in a neighborhood with a pool (Burdette), squirrels in the trees (or the one one my porch that I scared this morning), and an ice cream truck. Lovin' the truck!

Ours has cut down on his runs, lately. I heard it's because of gas prices :(


Denise said...

I always shriek when I hear the ice cream truck. But alas, I haven't run out to get any treats from him. Maybe next time... ;)

Anonymous said...

The guy in Mom & Dad's neighorhood comes by pretty often. Actually got myself a Froze Toes (cherry sherbert shaped foot with a gumball in the big toe) a couple of weeks ago.

Brain freeze is fun!