Summerfest Parade

CIMG1991My "week o' Becca" (we worked Grill the Beast together, picked up groceries for it, ushered at New Harmony Theatre on Friday, and so forth) culminated on Saturday with the Summerfest Parade.

Now, Becca and I have never even *seen* the parade (it usually falls during ALA for me) but this year, we agreed to take the Bookmobile and see the sights and throw some candy.CIMG1995

As we said later....it was a Steel Magnolias moment.

We had the marching band ahead of us, a John Deere tractor behind us, and we threw out huge bags of candy to hundreds of people, young and old, lining the streets.

The parade went for about 10 blocks, and we were #32 in line, so it was a pretty good sized parade. Despite the DISorganization at the beginning, we had an absolute blast.CIMG2000

(except for me having to sit in the book drop and hang out the window)

Times like that, I remember why I live in a small town. ;-)

(Entire set is here)

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