Review: Queen of Babble

Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot

Now, you all KNOW I love me some Meg Cabot, so I was thrilled to be the first to read her latest adult novel!

This time, her hapless heroine travels to Europe to see her "boyfriend", which quickly unravels into a vacation diaster. She flees the scene to meet up with her friends at a chateau in France - and to meet the hunky owner.

This novel is quick, quirky and very readable. I loved the neurotic lead character, the situation comedy, and the fairy tale ending.

Highly recommended!!


Denise said...

I *can't* wait to read this! I am 58th on the waiting list. I hope people read fast!!!

Denise said...

Qhee! I picked it up today from the library and I'm loving it so far. I keep cracking up. =)