Review: May Day

May Day by Jess Lourey

I couldn't resist picking up this slim murder mystery...after all, the murder takes place in a small town library. ;-)

Mira is new to Battle Creek, MN, a small town that will allow her to find herself a new twist in life. She has a job, a cute new boy, and a free place to live...all good things, until the new beau is found dead in one of the non-fiction stacks.

This story is cute and quirky, twisty and pervy, and just a little odd, but in a good way. Mira is a good protagonist, though I suspect more staid readers will be alarmed by the ending, but at least it solved the mystery.

A quick mystery read!

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Jessica Lourey said...

Ha! I love the use of the word "pervy" in reference to the book. That must be what my mom meant when she said it was "interesting." June Bug is less pervy and more funny, so hopefully, it'll be more palatable to the staid readers.

Thanks for reading May Day, and I heart your blog! The cruise pictures rock, particularly the windy day one.