Review: In the Groove

This is the first of the officially sanctioned "NASCAR novels" - romance novels set in the world of NASCAR.

Of course, I had to read this. ;-)

Essentially, this is a novel-length fanfic (of which I am *well* versed), full of the sexy race car driver, the quirky Mary Sue, the impossible situation that keeps them apart, then together, then apart, and all the racing action of a NASCAR novel.

I'm really gratified to see fanfic make it as "mainstream", though admittedly insanely jealous that it wasn't MY book deal. ;-)

A fast (get it? fast?) read, but a fun one!


Anonymous said...

That's all it is... fanfic. It wasn't even all that good either and the author herself is a bit full of herself.

- Presley :)

Marissa said...

Okay, I didn't want to come out and SAY that, but I looked at the author's website, and...yeah. A wee bit of an ego...:-)

Anonymous said...

I skimmed most of the book because it was *too* NASCAR fanfic Mary Sue-like for my taste. It had all the cliches related to those types of fics and I really expected better from the *pro*, ya know?

Anonymous said...

Uh oh Marissa. You better hope Britton doesn't read these comments. She's liable to "decalre war" on you for not liking her book like she did the folks on the Speed board, diecast dude and the other reviewers that don't like her books.