It all started with an email from Jen:


Nine inch nails vs. Depeche Mode


Ouch. That hurts. I have lusted for Dave Gahan since I was 15. I have lusted for Trent since I was 17. This is gonna be a heartbreaker either way......

Sometimes, it helps to make a list when making a difficult decision, so that's what Jen and I did.


Trent could bench press you.
Dave has tattoos.
Trent's head is fuzzy like a peach.


Trent could bench press me.
Dave has tattoos.
Trent's head is fuzzy like a peach.
Dave has long bad boy hair.
Trent favors fishnets.
Dave prefers to go shirtless.
Trent is 41.
Dave is 44.
Trent is a Taurus.
Dave is a Taurus.
I'M a Taurus.


Trent wears eyeliner
Dave is smexy with facial hair
Trent is smexy with facial hair
Trent does that hand grippy thing with the microphone during dramatic moments.
Dave’s pants are too tight.


Trent is Midwestern.
Dave is British.
Trent likes leather.
Dave likes leather.
Trent is 4 feet tall.
Dave is 6 feet tall.
Trent has Aaron North.
Dave has Martin Gore.

And hey, Dave wears eyeliner too!


Trent is NOT 4 feet tall. He’s another foot and a half over 4 feet. Trent could not play one of Santa’s Elves as a side gig.

Trent makes it all go away.I don’t watch Depeche Mode videos that often – I don’t remember what Dave’s make-up of choice is.


Trent has a great rocker scream.
Dave can shimmy his hips like no man should.
isn't married.
With kids.


Trent had baaaad hair in the 80s.
Dave had baaaad hair in the 80s.
Trent had a drug problem.
Dave had a drug problem.
Trent hasn't died.
Dave died for 2 minutes.

Sadly, the list didn't really help, except to remind me how much I love these boys. ;-)


Anonymous said...

NIN is winning with 58%.

What will Marissa do if next week it's NIN vs. Pink Floyd?

Anonymous said...

And you forgot my burn comment.

Trent has a little surprise for you.

Anonymous said...

The finals are on: Nin vs. Pink Floyd. Who will win Martika's vote?

Marissa said...

Alright, alright...I voted. NIN seems to be winning pretty handily, no? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hell, yeah. And it's not even posted on the ninhotline yet. :)

There's a pic of the indy show on nin.com. So either Trent or Henry Rollins was there. Sometimes....I really can't tell the difference.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you say something about Aaron North he is so hot and so cute... he is sexy...