Grill the Beast


So, three years ago, when I came to APL, we decided to "rework" our Patron Appreciation Day from a chintzy punch and cookies event during the booksale to a big ole cookout for everyone.

Every year, it's gotten bigger and better, and this year it culminated in the biggest event so far...

GRILL THE BEAST, held on 6-6-06.

I'm particularly fond of the flyer Becca has crafted for the event, complete with my head on the chef, the APL logo on the apron, and hairy legs. ;-)

We had our Board President on the grill, various staff helping out, and ran out of 120+ hamburgers and 100+ hot dogs in just over an hour.

Good times.

All the patrons who attended (and even some who didn't) thought it was an awesome thing, and can't believe it's FREE! We get lots of nice compliments on the library, we do it for cheap (we borrow the big honkin' grill and get some food donated), and we all smell smoky fresh for the rest of the day.

I love my library. :-)

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Denise said...

LMAO! That poster is great! =)