2006 Relay for Life

CIMG0613The first weekend in June was our annual TinyTown Relay for Life. I was once again proud to be part of the committee - as Chair of Relay Online. Yes, I even got a day-glo ORANGE shirt that designated me as a committee member at the track. ;-) The weather promised to be perfect, and we had our tent all ready to go the night before.

The theme this year was different states, and we drew "Arizona". I was very proud to display a REAL Arizona tumbleweed my godparents brought back for me. Our tent rocks, though we lost the tent judging competition. :-(

Overall, I raised $1300 individually, and we think theCIMG0620 library team raised more than $1600 altogether, which is fantastic!

We had lots of entertainment at the track all day, and lots of tents were selling yummy food. Plus, I got to huggle on Elmo. ;-)


The evening took a turn for the worse around 7pm (I'd been at the track since 9am that morning), when a megastorm started blowing it.

We tried to brave the lightning and thunder in our (metal-poled) tent while sitting in our (metal-framed) chairs, but then decided to hell with it, and made a run for the van. We went back later and recovered our tent and chairs, and were done with Relay about 10pm that evening.CIMG1951

Overall, a really successful day!

As many of you know, Mum was due to begin chemo the Monday after Relay, and her blood sugar numbers have been out of whack lately. As a result, she's been feeling very under the weather, and not as strong or with as much "oomph" as she has had at past Relays. Still, she (and I) walked around the track for the Survivor Lap - the first time I've ever walked with her during this emotional lap.

I cried just the same.

She is the bravest, strongest, funniest person I know, and I'm proud to be her daughter, and proud that I can spend this day contributing to a cause so vital to us all.

Until next year...


(The entire photo set is right here)

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