Surprise Party!

100_0567Tuesday, I had a nice surprise.

The Quiltin' Ladies banded together (behind my back!) to stage a surprise party for me at (where else?) Koodie Hoo's after work.
Too bad I had to go back to work that evening, or I would have eaten more cake. ;-)

I got some FABU jewelry to wear (including the tiara, which I wore back to my book discussion later that evening, to many questions and salutations)...some beautiful prezzies (a homemade quilt and homemade pillow, a quilting journal, a free pedicure, and a beautiful100_0576 card)...a tasty meal, and to top it off, Mary made me a cake.

But not just any cake...

Check out the homemade UNION JACK cake!

(Tasty and delicious, I'm happy to report!)

I was floored by the party, the cake, and my wonderful friends - thank you, QL! ;-)


Denise said...

Awesome! =)

Anonymous said...

Love the cake & the quilt and the ladies! Very kewl!