Scales Lake

In other news, while my parents were down, I took a day off to see my godparents, who I only see on occasion and are just lovely people.

See, I don't visit with them much, because they live in an RV.

Anyhoo, there was an RV rally, so they came to Indiana for it - in Boonville.

Yes, Boonville, IN was home to an RV rally last weekend.



We headed over to Boonville (and hit the quilt store, bien sur!), and then went to Scales Lake, a really nice park and RV camp. We socialized, we pet wild donkeys, we ate, we built a fire, I stuffed a tumbleweed in the trunk of my car (it's for Relay for Life, I swear!), and we just had a really nice day outside.

CIMG1796 CIMG1801
CIMG1804 CIMG0554

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