Relay for Life Luncheon

So last weekend, my folks came down for an extended visit - loaded with food and beverages, of course. ;-)

They came down to attend the TinyTown Relay for Life Survivor luncheon, which is a really nice event we put on for all the survivors in town.

There was a catered lunch, cake, dancing (I know!), and then a little speech by yours truly. I talked about how amazing TinyTown's committment to Relay is, my part in it, and how proud I am to have my parents drive so many hours to be a part of it. They even got a round of applause. It was pretty cool.

(And no, the orange shirt wasn't my choice - East HS, represent! - it's our committee shirt for the day of Relay)

Anyway, all this talk about Relay brings me to some news...

Mum is going back into chemo.

One of her numbers came back elevated, so she's going to be starting chemo the day after Relay for Life. It's going to be three sessions at three week intervals, and everyone is optimistic and in good spirits. We thought it was the best course of action, considering her history.

Anyway, we appreciate all the positive thoughts, as well as all the donations to my Relay for Life effort.

It means so much to me. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Oh geez, am I out of the loop and do I feel like an ass after my email yesterday morning? :-(

Keep me posted on Mum, okay? *hugs*