Finally...An Update!

Gentle readers, I feel so guilty for neglecting my blog! It's been a wacky few weeks, and if it weren't for the pictures, it would all be a blur. I've had family visits, work stuff, vacation preparations and entirely too little sleep.

But let's see if I can play catch up with lots of mini-entries...

First off, the work stuff...

CIMG1784For the first time in my tenure at APL, I got to be a part of our annual "Battle of the Books", a really cool program where select fifth graders from area schools read certain books, and then are asked questions about it. Omigod, so much fun! It was a really competitive night, and I even got to be the emcee!

(That's me, getting my emcee on!)

It was a really cool night, and I was glad to be a part of it!

A couple of days later, I got to do something they never told me about in library science school...

I got to demolish a building.

(Okay, not me personally, but you know what I mean)

We bought property across the street from the library last year, and it was an icky, falling down old building, so it was time to do the job properly.

It was much fun cheering and clapping early on a Friday morning as the roof caved in, walls fell down, and the bulldozer plowed over all the rubble. It rocked.


All the other fun demolition photos are right here. Sweet.

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