Review: You Slay Me

You Slay Me by Katie MacAlister

I love MacAlister's books...they are fun, funny, sexy and full of larger than life characters and mystical elements - this book is no exception.

Aisling Grey is in Paris to deliver a priceless dragon statue, only to walk in on a homicide - and a sexy Dragon named Drake. What follows are a series of missteps, mystery and mayhem as Aisling tries to solve the murder, and not fall for the sexy dragon in human form.

I still think MacAlister's vampire books are my favorite, but this title had endearing characters and a fun premise - enjoyable!

Note: I listened to the audio version, narrated by Barbara Rosenblat. Rosenblat's narration is amazing - her range of voices and accents is wonderful, and her reading style and inflection are priceless - her voice totally made the story for me. No wonder she's won Audie Awards. If you can find anything narrated by Rosenblat - do it!

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