Review: Widow of the South

Widow of the South by Robert Hicks

I wanted to read this New York Times bestselling book because the author, Robert Hicks, is going to be speaking at APL next month.

This novel is a fictionalized account of Carrie McGavock, who, in 1864, had her southern home turned into a field hospital. There were 9,200 casualties from the battle of Franklin, and many were treated or died on her property. Hicks also weaves in other fallout from the battle, and a romance with a soldier.

I think the story starts off powerfully, but the second half didn't grab me as the first had. Hicks explores more secondary characters, and I was more interested in the primary. I liked his use of different chapters from different character points of view, though.

An interesting read, particularly for those interested in the Civil War. I'm looking forward to Hicks' talk!

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