Review: Micah

Micah by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is a novella written by Hamilton that precedes her forthcoming title Danse Macabre. In this title (read in an hour or two), Anita is called to Philly to raise a zombie, and takes her Nimir-Raj, Micah, with her.

Because this is the first time they will be alone together (if you've read the other books, you know Anita is NEVER alone in bed), Anita rants, raves and pouts while dealing with her increasing power and romantic confusion with her lovers.

As with Hamilton's later Anita Blake novels, this one is rife with lots of sex and violence - but you know a bit more about Micah's background, which is nice. And hey, zombies.

An okay read, but a bit empty as a substitute for the rest of the series. Eh.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading that right now as a before-bed activity. Imagine the dreams I've been having!

I'm liking it better than the last few books but Anita's bitchiness and Mary Sue-ishness is still pissing me off much.

Marissa said...

Exactly! It's all the bitchiness and Mary Sue-isms that just totally turn me off. I love all the other characters (rawr...J-C), but I'm to the point where I can't stand Anita. Which, you know, isn't good when she's the main character. ;-)

Anonymous said...

.A good read. I still would like to see a movie made from the book.