Review: First Love

First Love by Adrienne Sharp

A long, long, LONG time ago, I was a dancer - specifically, ballet. Thus was I drawn to this tale of ballerinas in New York in the early 80s. This book features fictionalized accounts of ballet greats - Balachine, Baryshnikov and Gudunov, and two ballet stars caught between their relationship to each other and to the ballet.

This is more a literary fiction than a popular fiction title, and I was immediately drawn into the ballet world, but found myself coming to hate the lead characters more and more until I couldn't care less about their separate fates - or their entwined fate. The jumps from points of view are awkward, and by the end, the "tragedies" are trite and predictable. And I'm still not convinced the two lead characters like each other at all, even a little bit.

No wonder this is selling for $3.49 on Amazon...

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