On the Road Again...

Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks, with much in the way of road trips, late meetings and little time spent at Highland Cottage.

My poor blog is being much neglected!

CIMG1713The fortnight whirlwind began last week when I traveled to Indy for the ILF Annual Conference, where I bunked with Jessy, our YA librarian. We hit the exhibits, grabbed much schwag from the vendors, went to sessions, and of course, had dinner at Palomino's. ;-)

We met up with Aimee from the Poseyville Library, our county neighbor and a supercool gal. We had dinner, we had drinks, and we had credit card receipts to show from Circle Centre. Shoes! Clothes! Chocolate!

This year's sessions weren't as inspiring for me as years past, but it was worth the trip to see old and new colleagues, to work with the Publications committee, and to spend time with my vendor folk, and to talk in depth with my "architect posse". It's going to be a fun few months at APL as changes begin to take shape...

Still, it was a good business trip, and good to see the latest in the Indiana library community.

(More photos here)

As the conference ran straight into our long Easter weekend, I went from Indy straight home to the parentals, who had lined up a fun-filled weekend for me...

Cleaning out the rest of the stuff in the attic.

Going to the dump to dispose of said stuff.

Sweating a lot in the process.

(Before everything is down, and after)

CIMG1718 CIMG1727

In all fairness, we finally took every single thing (except for that stupid bed frame about 50 yards back) out of the attic, and gave away or threw away a lot of it. I went through a bigCIMG1743 sentimental journey, as I found boxes and boxes of detritus from high school, early college, and even elementary school. Good times...

Mum and I also "awwwwwwed" a lot at baby clothes, preschool toys and assorted other sentimental schtuff.

We also ate a lot, watched Food TV, worked on my quilts, went to Sam's and just generally relaxed.

CIMG1751We also had our traditional Easter morning breakfast of soft boiled eggs, complete with the requisite doodling with crayons on the hot eggs. We don't dye them or hide them, we Crayola and then eat them. :-)

A good weekend was had, and then it was time to hit the road again. I managed to barely outrun a nasty storm marching across the southern part of the state, and managed to keep Mum's Easter gift to me (a pretty new orchid) in one piece despite the ride in my car. It looks fab in my office, no?

And then the work week started again...


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