Fortnight Part II

After working Monday night, and having a MARATHON board meeting on Tuesday night (complete with a capital projects hearing and two presentations from architectural firms), it was time to hit the road again...

...for a budget workshop.


Mary and I hitched up our wagons and headed to Columbus to spend the night with my folks before heading to Indy early in the morning for an all-day crash course in preparing budgets for libraries.

Nice how my parents are a hotel at times like these. ;-)

CIMG1756We ate Chinese, we giggled a lot, and we refused toast the 480735 times it was offered before we left.

(Don't worry, Mum, we got chips and candy bars and cokes at the gas station for breakfast)

The budget workshop wasn't as scary as anticipated, nor was the drive there or back home. In fact, it was a beautiful day, and Mary and I ended up eating outside right along the canal.

I miss Indy at times like that. :-(

Another budget workshop is coming up in a few weeks, but I have about fifty things on my plate before then, including a demolition, an executive session, a Battle of the Books, an author visit, a budget discussion, a capital projects whirlygig, training new hires, buying books, getting summer reading program ready and finding out where the trash can in the director's office went.

My days are fraught with excitement, man. ;-)

CIMG1757 CIMG1758

Hands down, the best part of my week was finding out Mum's biopsy came back benign. Here's to 50 more years of trips to Sam's Club for "essentials", Mum. ;-)

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Denise said...

WONDERFUL news for your mum! =)