Computer Usage

When we did our big library furniture overhaul a few weeks ago, we also doubled the amount of public workstations available to our patrons - something that we knew (from the computer waiting lists) was sorely overdue.

And how!

In the course of the last month, our computer usage has MORE than doubled, and we still have waiting lists and disappointed patrons when our computers are all full. I created a quick wallpaper that we posted on each terminal which has drastically reduced the amount of people who just walk up and sit down without stopping by the Information Desk to register (which takes only a few seconds) with us.

Talk about supply and demand! I sense that more computers are in our future...

Another long overdue improvement on our computers...finally OPENING THEM UP! People can install IM message services, they can burn CDs, they use their jumpdrives easily, they can use Java-enabled websites and in week, can print in colour for the first time. This is a HUGE change (and accomplishment) from the padlocked Gates terminals we offered before.

I couldn't be more proud of the changes, and the gratitude we get from patrons proves that what I'd advocated was the right decision - give the people the tools they need to do the things want.

Now, if only we could double the amount of computers again...

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