Review: Looking for Alaska

Looking for Alaska by John Green

After reading Green's hilarious diary in Booklist about his winning of the Printz award, I had to read this book.


This book is just...wow. Amazing. Real, funny, tragic, introspective, inspiring, amazing. The writing is incredible, the story interesting, the characters flawed and approachable and loveable.

Miles Halter goes away to a boarding school in Alabama. Once there, he fits into a band of misfits and this book chronicles their lives before, and after, some groundbreaking events in their lives. It's about growing up, finding your place, and what happens in the Great Perhaps.

I LOVED Green's writing...one of my favorite lines:

"So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was a hurricane."


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Kate said...

I also bought that book for our library based on that article...now I can't wait until it arrives.