My First Quilt

For a while now, I've been lamenting the fact that I haven't created anything.

I used to create. I used to knit, crosstitch, write, tweak websites, cook new recipes, anything that let me just go...get in the moment, wing it, and have something to show for it.

Creating always came pretty easy to me.

Lately, though, I come home at the end of the day, braindead and emotionally numb and I sit in front of my television for a few hours, then go to sleep to do it all over again.

It's not healthy for me.

So, this week, I resolved to try and mix things up a little. I was going to take my day off and have something to show for it at the end of the day. At the library, I was flipping through a quilting book when I spotted a pattern that looked easy enough for me - I'm still a novice quilter, and haven't made anything without supervision of my friend, Quilter Extraordinaire Mary.

Still, it didn't look that hard...

I bought batting and material, I cut and cut (and cut) squares, and then opened up my sewing machine and just let go.

I spent all day sewing, cutting, laying out, ironing, threading, sandwiching, pinning and more. I listened to a fabulous book on cd and didn't notice the hours go by.

At the end of the day, I had created. It's not perfect, and I could point out all the problems with it, but I love it. It's kicky and cute, and I'm so proud of my little quilt.

And perhaps nicest of all was the reminder that I'm still creative, that I still have the spark, and though dormant, it's not extinquished.

My First Homemade Quilt Front and Backing

Detail of the squares and ties Back of the Quilt


librarianne said...

muy pretty lady! i like the lack of binding! I've been itching like mad to make another quilt. You're not helping. :P

Jalehlabad said...

I love the quilt! It's fabulous and no one ever knows about the flaws except the maker. I should commission a quilt from you!

Denise said...

OOH! It looks fabulous, babe! I'm glad you're re-igniting the creative spirit. I think you'll inspire me to do the same. I hope to catch up with you SOON!

Anonymous said...

That is nice! I really like the color combo. And I know what you mean about being at work all the time and coming home and not doing anything creative. It's such a bummer - but it sure feels great when it kicks back into gear, doesn't it? :D

librarianne said...

which book did you use?

Marissa said...

I used this "Super Quick Colorful Quilts" book by Rosemary Wilkinson. In fact, the next one I'm making is that flowery one on the cover. :-)


librarianne said...

ah... we don't own it. We own her other book though. that's where my pink and orange one came from.

careful... It's addicting.

Matt said...

Useful and creative. Way to go!